Affordable nightlife for Students: Dream or Reality?

Being a student means having little money but lots of free time and energy. So how do you combine those into an affordable nightlife for students? If you do a little research it is actually quite easy to find great places to go for people with little money. For example, you can Have a night out in Manchester even when you are broke. There are a lot of clubs that offer free entrance if you come before midnight, so you can save some money for drinks by arriving early. While inside the club have a look at the drinks menu for drink deals. And don’t be afraid to try and work out a deal with the bartender, especially if you are with a group, big discounts can be negotiated. But of course, the best way to organise an affordable nightlife for students is to search for student flat parties. No entrance fee, cheap drinks (sometimes even free if you know somebody who lives there) and lots of new people to make friends with who can join you on your next night out.

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