The best nightlife apps to use

Most girls these days are looking for that extra spin on a night out. What more could we possibly ask for with the huge choice we have out in the town these days. You can club to house music, sweat all night, you could go samba dancing or see comedy. From cultural scenes to familiar bars with their attractive cocktail, what more could add to this fun? Well, nightlife apps could offer that extra spice to flare up those casual nights and bring that twist to our evenings. With the progression of app technologies, our nightlife could be even more fun, spontaneous and exciting. ‘Barchick’ is one in particular that seems to be A bar finder app with a difference, with in-house writers that cover over 50 of the major cities and expanding. This app has everyone talking, updating regularly and specifically focusing on the party rather than that quiet drink. Not necessarily one of the nightlife apps, however, ‘google maps’ is an app that no one can live without, it makes getting lost near impossible. Use ‘Barchick’ to find that raving party and ‘google maps’ to find your way home.

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