London nightlife: How to plan a big night out

As a young person, I’ve never been shy to speak my mind, especially when it comes to entertainment. I expect something spectacular. I must say that London nightlife looks good because recently even politicians have said that British venues have a bright future. I’m thrilled about this because there has been a steady decline in night clubs and more than half have shut down. Now the mayor of London has said he will ensure London becomes a cool 24-hour city with a vibrant London nightlife. So whatever the occasion, a big night out in London is on the cards. The fact that London nightlife goes digital means that with your phone you can let someone else plan your night out. They’ll tell you which rooms are perfect for sipping decadent cocktails and where to dance and simply paint the town red. You can give them your details, and they will ensure that as a night owl they give you the perfect offerings that will provide you with double the kick of anywhere else. There are many great blogs with whats on articles, whats trending etc. E.G. London collections from the PR agency in London. Reading blogs are so inspirational and I do love a good night out. I guess its smart looking in social chanels as well, like this great FB group.

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