Nightlife in UK clubs

The UK might not have the best weather, but when it comes to nightlife, you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Recently, politicians have shown interest in prioritising better regulation of clubs and bars meaning that the UK nightlife culture has better future under new government. Starting from the buzzing streets of London, one is lost for choice when it comes to enjoying nightlife in UK. Though clubs in the capital can be a little too expensive for most students, the nightlife here is perplexing. There are trendier and cheaper cities to go partying, though. Clad your stiletto heels and head to Soho, Bricklane, Brixton or Camden. Finding a bar in these locations won’t take you long. Students in Brixton are known for their dance moves. You’ll come across Lola Lo, Digital and Coalition. These clubs provide you with a chance to experience the best nightlife in UK. Don’t collide with the strict bouncers here; carry your ID always. KOKO in Camden is reputed to be the home of great live bands. If you feel that your budget is limited, visit Leeds and meet students enjoying life with limited funds. You’ll love the live music in Cockpit and Leeds 02 Academy. If you are into fashion, BED or Oceana (both in Leeds) might be the best place for you.

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