Pubs vs Clubs: But I’d rather just chill

It’s Friday night and you feel like your plans should be going out clubbing? Oh please, millennials don’t go clubbing, they’d much rather spend their time doing anything other than clubbing. When deciding what to do on the weekend you might find yourself thinking Pubs vs Clubs and end up choosing Pubs. Why? It’s simple. Pubs give us the option to have a nice drink, in a sort of relaxing atmosphere and still manage to have a decent conversation with your friends. Clubbing mainly just involves drinking too much, not being able to talk and having to dance, which some of us might not be particularly fond of. There are actually quite a few pubs in most towns across the UK and not all of them have to be boring! Pub owners know that pubs are becoming more and more popular these days so some offer nice food options and most have also started serving cocktails. When going to clubs you may also find yourself spending a lot of money, on average £6 per cocktail, whereas pubs charge you the same amount for a whole jug. So when it comes Pubs vs Clubs, the answer has to be Pub, doesn’t it?

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